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Anyone intimately familiar with Etsy knows that there are a myriad of “teams”, tighly or loosely gathered shops with a variety of purposes, and I belong to a few.  In The Making (Think Different/Outside the Box) is what I consider my “home team” and it consist of a very dedicated  group of Etsy shop owners from around the world.  Though our main function is to build Treasuries, with the hope that they will be displayed on the opening page of Etsy and drive customers to our shops, we are also basically a nosy group who likes to find out a little bit more about each other now and again.  To that end my friend, Betsy Bensen, does a monthly Spotlight Interview and posts it to the team blog for everyone to see.  This month the honor is mine and Betsy has put together a blog post with her interview questions, my answers and a mostly great assortment of photos.  WARNING – the shot of my studio may give you nightmares (it certainly gave them to me).  Well, off to clean the studio (yeah, right) and should you choose to go there I hope you enjoy the interview.

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