Not Another One!

Oh yes, hot on the heels of opening my first Etsy shop (Reminiscence Papers) I decided that one was not enough and opened shop number 2 – cleverly named “Debra Glanz”.  It’s not that one shop couldn’t hold it all, but it seems I have something of a split personality……no big surprise there.  While my original goal was to sell papers, embellishments and other supplies I was tempted to offer some of my finished pieces as well.  To that end, Reminiscence Papers has become a shop for papers (my designs and some that I have imported), embellishments, metal printer’s type, doll parts, bits of glass…… get the idea.  Debra Glanz, the shop not the human, is just for finished work – primarily boxes.  Please visit one or the other when you have some time and let me know what you think.

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